If you want more about me, and my academic educations have a look on the profile site of this website, where you can see a general view.

My several academic educations, which have been wide but also very intense, are the basement of my activities. These, my references my consulting principles and the fact that I’m an active consultant for more than 20 years for enterprises of different dimensions, may convince you.
I'm consulting very successfully small and medium-sized enterprises, one-man companies but also private individuals.

An internal analysis of mass flow and energy consumption creates transparency for the management. This is the base of possible process enhancements, but also realistic actions to reduce Waste, sewage and emissions. Transparency creates at least the additional potential savings. (Similarities to an Environmental-Management-System are not just by chance.)

My cosmos of consulting you find my key activities.
Some of them are:
Business Consulting & Implementation of Management-Systems
Energy-Efficiency-Management-System [EEMS; ISO 50001]
Environmental-Management-System [EMS; ISO 14001, EMAS]
Quality-Management-System [QMS; ISO 9001]
Project Management
Green Sustainable Technology
Process Enhancement

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